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Why is FreshCut ending integration of FCD?

For information and context behind FreshCut’s decision, please see the FreshCut announcement here.

Where is FCD going?

All FCD from the primary recovery, secondary recovery process, from private round investors, and project treasury will be sent to the Polygon burn address

What happens to all the FCD from the recovery process?

All the FCD involved in the recovery process from primary and secondary buyers will be burned and holders will receive USDC.

I bought FCD via an offering on Polkastarter or Republic Crypto, how do I get USDC recovery?

This means you are a primary buyer of FCD. Full details on the primary recovery process will be provided on Monday, 1/23/23 at

I bought FCD on Gate, Bybit, KuCoin or Quickswap, how do I get USDC recovery?

This means you are a secondary buyer of FCD. Full details on the secondary recovery process will be provided on Monday, 1/23/23 at

Can I trade FCD on a CEX? Am I still able to buy FCD?

Please refer to the individual exchange and trading policy for each respective CEX (Gate, KuCoin, Bybit)

Why is the recovery limited to 55% for the primary sale recovery?

This is the maximum amount all holders can receive with the available $3.4 million balance. To the extent any cash is remaining after the recovery process, remaining funds will be sent to approved primary claim participants proportionate to their original purchase price. 

Who is taking my FCD during the recovery process? Will it be burned?

Penta Labs is designating an independent burn address to receive all FCD. All  FCD from the recovery process will be burned.

Is the participation in the recovery process required?

No - you can convert your FCD to the in-app non-blockchain FreshCut virtual currency. Simply hold them in your in-app inventory. Diamonds will be repriced to $0.01 and you will receive the amount that reflects the previous value (if you held $20 in your account, you will have more in-app currency, but it will still be worth $20 afterward). 

FreshCut raised $5.5M from the offerings in April/May 2022, what was the $2.1M used for?

$2.1M of the offerings was used for token development, centralized exchange listings, token marketing, and maintenance. Please see this announcement from Penta Labs for more information.

I have questions about FCD end of support, where can I get more answers?

If you have any questions, please direct them to or join our Discord and open a ticket. For any and all ‘blockchain FCD’ questions please email

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