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Ending FreshCut Diamonds (FCD) Development and FCD Recovery Instructions

Penta Labs and FreshCut ended their partnership to develop and integrate blockchain FreshCut Diamonds (FCD) into the FreshCut ecosystem. FreshCut removed blockchain FCD, the blockchain wallet, and all other blockchain-based elements from the FreshCut platform. 


Penta Labs will provide for issue designated recovery amounts in USDC to primary and secondary purchasers of FCD.

The primary recovery intake process concluded on April 23, 2023. Emails to all approved purchasers were sent on April 28, 2023. Please follow emailed instructions for primary recovery.

The secondary recovery process will conclude on June 1, 2023. Please follow instructions below for secondary recovery.


If you bought FCD on the secondary market on or after May 12, 2022 and currently hold FCD in your non-custodial wallet, you qualify for secondary recovery and can send in FCD for USDC (on Polygon network) recovery. Follow the steps below:

Before you begin, if your FCD is on a centralized exchange account (e.g. KuCoin, Bybit, Gate), you must first move them from your exchange account to your own non-custodial wallet (i.e. a wallet that you hold the keys / seed phrases to). DO NOT start on the below process from your exchange account. 

If you send in FCD from a centralized exchange account, you likely will NOT receive the USDC recovery back. 

1. Ensure your FCD is in your non-custodial wallet (FCD in exchange accounts are not acceptable). ​

2. Ensure you have ~0.05 MATIC on Polygon in the same non-custodial wallet to pay for the gas transaction fee. ​


3. Ensure you're on the Polygon network. Send the desired number of FCD to the below secondary recovery address. You need to send at a minimum 1 FCD. Penta Labs cannot guarantee recovery if less than 1 FCD is sent. 

Address to send in FCD:


Warning: Triple Check 1) only FCD (on Polygon) is sent to this address and 2) the address is copied correctly. If non-FCD tokens are sent those tokens can NOT be returned and USDC recovery is not possible. 

4. Wait up to ~5 minutes (dependent on network traffic) and you will receive USDC recovery (on Polygon network) in your wallet address. The FCD conversion price is $0.0226 USDC per token. Price is based on 30-day average from 12/19/22 to 1/18/23. Your FCD sent in will be burned. 

If you followed the above steps correctly and did not receive USDC recovery after 5 minutes, please contact with the Polygonscan link to your FCD send transaction. 

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